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  • TO STRENGTHEN AND TO EXTEND THE RESEARCH on Environmental Hydraulics in the Grenelle Framework of the environment and the associate topics: risk management, climate-change adaptation, good ecological potential of heavily modified water bodies, restoration of biological and sedimentary continuity, renewable energy production, and modal shift to river, clean and economical navigation.
  • TO BRING A SCIENTIFIC SUPPORT TO PUBLIC POLICIES particularly on the transposition of the Water Directive and of the Flood Directive, on prevention of maritime submersions and of flash floods, on the national strategy of coastline retreat, and on the adaptation to climate change.
  • TO GIVE A VISIBILITY TO FRENCH HYDRAULIC RESEARCH at the international level: in support to engineering for better competitiveness, in developing a critical mass gathered into a single structure, in creating a national research community and developing a synergy on research issues that are in priority at the national and international level.
  • TO MAKE WORN BY THE SHF (SOCIETE D’HYDROTECHNIQUE DE FRANCE) THE DEVELOPMENT OF EXCHANGES between national policies makers, who define the priorities, the enterprise managers who precise their needs, and the scientists who present their scientific knowledge.
  • TO DEVELOP A WELL-ORGANISED INDUSTRIAL RESEARCH, as in other fields of engineering, which is reactive of first order with technical and scientific gains, and with a strong international reputation, based on a high level of training and supporting innovation.


  • TO OFFER A SUPPORT FOR COORDINATED RESPONSES to calls for national and international research proposals.
  • TO DEVELOP COLLABORATIVE TOOLS to improve visibility and knowledge exchange between the members of this community (wiki, e-learning, directory, forum, announcements ...).

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